GirlsBlog: 3 risks of wearing G-strings daily

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Some ladies feel no underwear is the greatest style. Always wearing thongs or G-strings has some startling adverse effects you should know about if they’re your favorite.

Others enjoy them for comfort or aesthetics, while others find them unpleasant.

There are difficulties with wearing thongs all the time, but not everyone needs to worry about every health adverse effect.

There are several things outside the length of time you wear a thong that might lead to difficulties. Consider the material, size, and fit of a thong.

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Below are some risks wearing thongs may expose you to.

  • Vaginal infections

Thong wearers might have health concerns. Urinary and vaginal infections cause health problems.

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Thongs irritate and inflame Bartholdi’s glands, which generate lubrication.

If the gland ducts are blocked, a cyst may form adjacent to the vagina, they said.

Thongs irritate the vagina and don’t provide it with adequate air, revealing the string’s detrimental influence.

  • Yeast infection

According to research, thongs may trigger yeast infections due to the additional moisture they trap. Vagisil’s maker says thong promotes yeast infections and should be avoided.

  • Reactions of the skin

Infection, irritated skin, and chafed skin are some of the negative outcomes of G-string use.

When the thong irritates the skin, it causes chafing. It may develop infected and be quite painful if not treated right away. In addition, the clitoris may experience irritation from the thong’s rubbing.

As a reminder, G-string is a type of thong. A narrow piece of fabric, leather, or satin that covers or holds the genitals which passes between the buttocks.

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