“Give my mobile phone to my girlfriend Sandra and beg her to forgive me” – University student takes his life, leaves behind an interesting note [Details]

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Solomon Oboh, a 23-year-old Auchi Polytechnic student, is said to have committed suicide.

On Friday night, September 10, the National Diploma 1 student of Public Administration was discovered dangling from the ceiling of his room.

According to Punch, the student left a suicide note requesting that his phone be given to his girlfriend and coursemate, Sandra, whom he begged for forgiveness in the note.

Solomon Oboh, a 23-year-old Auchi Polytechnic student
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It was learned that earlier that day, the deceased had felt humiliated by his inability to correctly spell the words “computer technology” in front of his classmates.

“Solomon was in class on Friday and left for home after class; we returned home later that evening to find him dangling in the ceiling of his room in the Bawack area of South Ibie,” a source told the publication.

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“He was a quiet young man who took his studies very seriously. He doesn’t go out and has never shown any signs of depression or anything else,” the source added.

Mr. Mustapha Oshiobugie, the polytechnic’s spokesman, confirmed the incident but said he had yet to be briefed on the details.

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