Give Your Wife More Money If You Want To Maintain Peace; Men Advised

Some men spend more hours out there with their friends than they do in their homes because peace is a rarity there at times as their wives tend to give them problems by quarrelling with them every minute.

There appeared to be a simple solution out there to prevent wives from quarrelling with their men at home as proposed by a lady who believes the simple solution is to give women more money.

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In what is quite a lengthy message on Facebook, the lady with the name, Oge Nsimah, believes that giving them plenty of money does the trick.

If your wife is always quarrelling you and does not easily forgive you, Oga, go double your hustle, bring money home and give her plenty of money“, she wrote, adding that women don’t quarrel for long when there is money.

No matter how financially independent a woman is,
that money from her man pocket comes with a different feeling,
I don’t know why it’s so…but it’s what it’s”, she added.
She emphasized that giving your wife or woman money is what brings peace to your home.
If you want to maintain peace, give your woman more money,
You see the way men don’t like to take orders from their women,
That how women like to spend their man money”.
Oge Nsimah’s Facebook post


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