Giving a girl a money bouquet is disrespectful – Lady issues warning to men

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A Nigerian author @skheegs007 on Twitter believes the well-known money bouquet which is designed for ladies represents insults and relatively prefers the conventional bouquet of flowers.

She made this statement in response to a tweet from one Alabi, who claimed that because Nigerian girls dislike flowers, they created the money bouquet.

“Nigerian girls no like flowers… na why them come invent money bouquet.”

Furthering her stance, the lady said that giving a girl that sort of money only serves as a means for men to flaunt their oversized ego and masculinity.

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In her words:

“I love flowers. And I find money bouquet really disrespectful. I see it as an ego booster for a man who just wants to show off. I’d rather the money sent to my account than sticking it to my flowers. I also think it’s razz.” 

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In other trending news, a netizen has shared the account of her friend who happens to be bisexual and wants to quit her marriage over an argument with her husband.

The woman described how her bestie told her she was a lesbian and implored her not to proceed with the marriage, but her friend maintained that she needed to marry a guy as a cover-up.

However, shortly after marriage, her friend called her to complain that her husband doesn’t allow her to swing two ways anymore and she is fed up with the marriage.

She continued by saying that because her friend’s husband had already spent a lot of money on the wedding, she did not accept her friend’s decision to dissolve the marriage.

Internet users, however, were not pleased with her narrative since they believed she was going public with her friends’ dirty laundry.


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