Gloria Maria husband: Was Gloria Maria married?

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Gloria Maria Matta da Silva, a journalist, reporter, and television anchor from Brazil, lived from 15 August 1949 to 2 February 2023. She is regarded as the first television reporter and TV personality of African heritage to attain national recognition in Brazil, with a career spanning from the 1960s.

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Maria was up in a low-income family in the Rio de Janeiro suburbs; her mother was a stay-at-home mom and her father was a tailor.She learned the importance of responsibility and hygiene.

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After her parents got divorced, Maria moved in with her grandmother, who told her tales about her great-grandfather, who was hanged in the Minas Gerais state mountains.Her grandmother, a freed slave’s daughter, also benefited from the 1871 Law of Free Birth.

Maria spoke with the Globo TV news executives in January 1970, and soon after, she was hired as a special reporter for Globo Repórter, occasionally co-presenting with Sergio Chapelin. Gloria Maria was the first black television reporter in Brazil, the first to anchor Fantástico, and the first to deliver the seven o’clock news. To succeed as a journalist and reporter, she had to overcome numerous challenges and obstacles.

Before landing a job at Globo, Glória Maria worked two jobs for a full year, including weekends. She would arrive at Globo at 8:00 a.m. and leave at 8:00 p.m. for her shift. She would then go to pre-college preparation classes before returning home to sleep for an hour.

Who was Gloria Maria husband

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Maria was married, but they eventually divorced since neither of them wanted to live together. She didn’t think about having children, but in 2009 she adopted Laura and Maria as sisters from Salvador, Bahia, and later became a single mother.


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