Gloria Sarfo Jumps To the Defense Of Yvonne After Ghanaians Ask Her Why Her Younger Sister Married Before Her Despite Being 36

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One of Ghana’s favorite actress’s Yvonne Okoro’s younger sister, Roseline Okoro got married over the weekend and it has created a lot of controversy on social media.

Some people are of the view that it is unacceptable for the younger sibling to be married while the older one is still unmarried.

Yvonne Okoro as we all know is 36 and unmarried and without a child. This has made people wonder why her family is allowing her younger sister, Roseline Okoro who is a medical doctor to walk down the aisle when Yvonne is not married.

Well, jumping to the defense of Yvonne Okoro is her colleague actress Gloria Sarfo who has asked Ghanaians to keep their mouths shut as it’s none of their business.

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According to Gloria Sarfo, there is no law on earth that says that a younger sibling can’t get married while the older one is still unmarried.

She stated empathically that, there is absolutely no barrier that prevents a younger sibling from getting marry when they are ready.

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She advised people to stop timing people using their own measurements.

See her post below;


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