Go and Work And Stop Following Your Wife Everywhere- Afua Asantewaa’s Husband Blasted

Mr. Kofi Owusu Aduonum, husband of internet sensation, Afua Asantewaa has been advised to find a work and do and stop following his wife everywhere she goes.

The man and his wife have become a topic of online discussion ever since Afua Asantewaa brought her sing-a-thon attempt to an end.

Recently, Mr. Owusu in an interview said that no rich or powerful man could snatch his wife from him, making Ghanaians descend heavily on him.

When asked in an interview if he was afraid of losing his wife because of the popularity and the rich and powerful men she has been meeting these days, Mr. Owusu said he was never afraid.

He claimed his wife, Afua Asantewaa was meeting richer and more powerful people before she even started her sing-a-thon attempt.

Mr. Owusu said that he could mention names of big people who had once chased his wife before her sing-a-Thon attempt, however, he thought there was no need to do that.

According to him, he trusts his wife so much that he can confidently say without a shroud of a doubt that no man can take her from him.

These statements by Mr. Owusu did not sound pleasant in the ears of most Ghanaians and have as a result made netizens label him an unserious person.

Most Ghanaians have advised Mr. Owusu to look for a job and stop following his wife everywhere she goes.

“Stop following her around. Go and work, man! Celebrity husband you be?”, a netizen said.

Others have also said that it would have been better if the mad had skipped that interview question because there is no sense in that question.

“It’s not every journalist interview questions that must be answered. Anyways he’s so sure of his wife”, a netizen said.

“Interviewers nso ha adwene ne questions binom o se he has answered😒😒😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆❤️”, another netizen said.

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