Go fetch raw talent- City Girls’ JT go head to head with Cardi B in Twitter war

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The Twitter spat between Cardi B and JT was intended to stay in their private direct messages, but the rappers ended up subtly trading insults in front of their millions of fans.

Cardi may have set off the explosion on Monday night (October 3) by referring to JT as a “lapdog” on Twitter without identifying her.

“I hope you don’t think you no bully,” JT responded while she added to the dog theme: “Wiener dog!” The City Girls rapper continued: “Cardi you go fetch a real talent! We DM’ing why you come back here to put on a show for these KIDS?”

The Grammy-winning rapper then accused Pierre “Pee” Thomas of Quality Control of attempting to connect her with JT’s purported ghostwriter.

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“So wait, me and you talking in the DM woman to woman, but YOU take it to your timeline and throw shots calling me a bully and a wiener,” Cardi responded. “Why you playing dumb? And YOU talking about a talent?! haaaaa! You forgot P tried to put me on wit your writer?”

JT downplayed the ghostwriting allegations and asserted she writes all of her verses while even accusing her “Twerk” collaborator of trying to bite their sound.

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“No you wanted our written!!! For our hooks for our sound cause you clearly have none,” she fired back. “Ask ANY writer! I write my OWN shit!!! You know this!

“But today was supposed to be about GLORILLA! instead you called me a lap dog nah bitch ima a BIG DOG!! roof roof!”

Cardi then voiced her frustration that JT continued to go back-and-forth with her publicly rather than sort out their issues in the DMs.

“I definitely didn’t…P wanted to put me in to your writers cause yall numbers make him penies ……My talent speaks for it self tho,” she said of the ghostwriting allegations.

“Didn’t I hit you back in the DM 20 minutes ago but I gotta come on the timeline for a response? And you’re mute but steady arguing here. Like I said, this shit is for show. OPPORTUNISTS.”

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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