Thursday, November 26, 2020

‘So God Can Kill Himself To Save People He Created With Original Sin But Can’t Kill Satan At Once, God Is Really Mad’- Nigerian Man Spits Fire

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Lately, a few Africans are beginning to question religion and challenging others to the same by subjecting the numerous fundamental flaws associated with organized religion.

A Nigerian man identified as Okereke Chinaka is one of those people who think  religion is a scam and was only introduced to confuse people. He has therefore vowed to destroy religion, because that’s his mission on earth.

In a Facebook post, the young man wondered why can’t Jesus Christ couldn’t kill Satan yet killed himself to save others.

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He said:

So God can kill himself to save people he created with original sin but can’t kill Satan at once, God is really mad.

He also asked Christians to tell him when Jesus Christ died if he was born on December 25.

He wrote:

Question to Christians if Jesus was born on the 25th of December, please what date did he die.

After sharing his views on social media, many social media users, particularly Nigerians, rained insult on him as expected. He, however, stated that he is prepared for the backlash from angry Nigerians because many have been lied to, adding that he knows the truth is bitter for people to hear.

Here’s what he wrote thereafter:

My name is #CHINAKARAMOKWU meaning Nature Speaks for me. My incarnate name was ONUOHA meaning mouth piece of the people and his titled name was MUNAONYEJI? Meaning who do I have issues with?

All this names and expression follows me so every day of my life so don’t get angry if I make any post of religion. And don’t try any fowl act on thinking evil about me cause Nature already started speaking for me since birth and till date (Chinakaramokwu). I was born to help destroy religion (Christianity, Islam and their sister evil Judaism in Igbo land and Africa at large) so no stopping. We must restore our lost identity (African tradition).

So Save your stress and anger for the battle ahead is great, think of waking up cause truth is the most bitter pill everyone must swallow one day and when it descends on you, you can’t resist it.

Some people keep asking me on my inbox, Mr Okereke all you and some people have said so far is true but how did you guys come about it? I answered when you discover yourself every knowledge and wisdom will be bestowed on to you from above. Nature is restoring itself so you all white man worshipers should get ready because all of you will leave white men and their religion soon. Who said there’s freedom of worship and

I shouldn’t criticize Christianity? No Dearies I have every right to tarnish Christianity cause it is fake and I can’t see where my people are dying and keep quite. I could remember when I was a Christian I did one useless godfather for one kid, the priest in my village SS peter and Paul Anglican cathedral Nkwerre told us not to allow the boy to collect any Nze or Ozo title that it is diabolic and devilish, that we should guide him.

I mumuishly accepted, thinking I have seen salvation, is that not tarnishing our tradition? Calling Amadioha Ekwensu Ezenwanyi Miri, Ezenwanyi Ala names and evil is that not tarnishing our tradition? Don’t say Christianity didn’t do such I was once a

Christian so we did all that, Christianity made us do that and they are still doing it. So my dear great people I know the virus (religion especially Christianity) has eaten very deep in you people so it will be hard to leave it so all the insults and names makes no meaning to me/us (the woke king and Queens) we shall continue to be enlightening you till you regain consciousness.

Above all never forget Jesus Christ never existed, religion is a scam. Unuabola Chi oooo Umu aja alaigbo. Good morning to you all.

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