God gave women ‘periods’ to rest because of excessive bedroom enjoyment – Lady reveals (+ screenshots 

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Social media has made it possible to get answers to a lot of baffling issues especially stuff about ladies. Remember that ladies are the most complicated creatures on each – difficult to understand them.

One of the baffling issues about ladies has to do with the rationale behind their monthly flow of blood or if you like menstruation among women. Thus, reason why ladies start menstruating when they reach adolescent period.

Ahh well, a Twitter user identified as ‘Funke Fatai’ seems to know the reason for this as her post on social media suggests that she has been briefed by God on the purpose of menstruation among women.

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The lady who is believed to be a Nigerian made mention that women love sex more than men and when left alone they will do it the whole day every day of the month thus God created menses to make them rest.

According to this social media user, menstruation was instituted by God to put checks and balances on women else their genitalia will blast.

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She posted: “Women Love Sex More than Men That’s Why God Gave them periods to rest”

See the screenshot below:

Reason for menstruation


Fast forward, another female who chanced on the tweet shared in the opinion of Funke Fatai that women love sex more than men. She reacted saying their love for sex is too strong that even during their menstruation which is meant to be their resting period from sex they still do it.

She retweeted: “Some of us still don’t rest on those resting period”

See screenshots below:

Reason for menstruation
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