God is good: Young man jumps and rolls on the ground to celebrate and thank God as he relocates to Canada

Just like someone who has won millions in jackpot, a young man called Aba Afful Geraldo Amartey said to be from Ekiti state rolled on the floor to mark the moment he landed in Canada.

A video that has blown up on various social media platforms showed the man behaving in a hilarious way to mark his successful relocation abroad.

The man was joyous. He fell and roll on the floor. The man’s name could not immediately be ascertained, but his wild celebration has made him a social media sensation.

In the short clip seen on various social media handles, the man fell flat on the ground and jubilated.

He also raised his hands up in the air and waved them to God in happiness as he spoke in his local language, Yoruba.

As it stands, no one can blame the young man considering how hardship has entangled 93% of the Nigerian populace.

Watch the video below:


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