Going back to Ghana to sell Konkonte – Linda Osei ridicules Nayas for not succeeding in ‘obi manso’ Germany

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Linda Osei has established herself as a troll master and she was in her best element when she took on Gladys Mensah Boaku aka Nayas after she relocated to Ghana from Germany.

In a video that aimed a subliminal shot at Nayas- Linda said she was coming to Ghana to sell Konkonte because the hardship abroad is unbearable- which is a reference to Nayas’ statement on why she packed her bag and baggage and returned home.

Recall that after divorcing her husband Dansinkrainii Barima Nana Sarfo, Nayas enplaned back to Ghana. Nayas claimed that her spouse had brought her family alcohol to call off the marriage after they recently patched things up following her suspected infidelity.

According to Nayas, her husband brought her in for treatment a second time because he wanted someone to look after him while he underwent surgery.

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However, two weeks after she took care of him to recover, he covertly sent drinks and a divorce settlement to her family.

Nayas said that she has returned to Ghana in order to start over. She claimed that when she sold her car and other possessions to follow her spouse to Germany, the man mistreated and cheated her instead.

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She has returned to Ghana to carry on from where she left off, and she is confident that God will make it successful.

It is hinged on the above that Linda ridiculed Nayas for not succeeding in a viable environment like Germany but chose to come to Ghana.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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