Good Samaritan: Lady celebrates man for rescuing her from highway accident which nearly claimed her life

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A lady survived a gory accident and has thanked the man she can best describe as “Good Samaritan” who came to her rescue.

Recounting how the accident occurred and how it nearly resulted in her death on social media, Tyna Duamorson did not lose touch with the fact that it took the timeliness of the man for her life to be saved.

According to her, she was moving from Tema to Accra on the Motorway when out of nowhere, a trailer hit her car and forced her to lose control of the steering wheel.

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This resulted in the car veering off the road and ending up in a ditch. The accident was so swift that she lost touch with reality and was not aware of events happening around her.

However, the Good Samaritan saw the entire incident and rushed to her rescue, picked her up, sent her to the hospital and got her slightly mangled tooled to safety.

Out of the abundance of gratitude, Tyna Duamorson took a photo of the man and shared it in a group on Facebook and expressed gratitude to God for sending the man her way…an intervention that has given her a testimony.


She wrote the following:

GE to u all….. I humbly n sincerely want u to raise ur hands up on dis “GOD SENT”  he is MR AFFUL, 4 GOD to BLESS, INCREASE HIM, HIS GENERATIONS N ODAS YET TO COME, HE WILL NEVA LACK IN ANY TIN!!!! Infact am jus lost 4 words TIA…..

Dis morning, 25/5/21 I had an ENCOUNTER WITH DEATH ON D MOTORWAY wen i was heading towards accra

… a trailler with cement hit me soooo hard on my back side, n withinin a twinkle of an eye, i VEERED OFF d motorway, LOST CONTROL of d wheel, got into 2 ditches BUT I DONT NO HW DIS CAR GOT OUT OF d DITCH n landed jus infront of a BIG ROCK n d car STOPPED… ALL was BLANK n i was shivering with TEARS,   all i felt was dis VERY MAN PULLING ME AWAY 4m D CAR,cos der was fumes coming out of d car…..he was only going 4 his monin jogging 4m adjeikojo to d motorway, wen he saw me veering off d roaf n came to my rescue,  hmmmmmm, he sent me to a hospital, n even got my car tolled to a workshop!!! ….

Wen d trailler dat hit me mpo DIDNT EVEN stop to c if ………hmmmm

D MOST DEPRESSING TIN WAS, ple who came around were all saying I HAVE BEEN LUCKY!!


MR AFFUL, d GOD dat showd me mercy shod BLESS U ABUNDANTLY, u even called jus dis evenin to check on me… TIA pls any body who nos dis GOD SENT shod tell him GOD ABUNDANCE OF GRACE WILL 4EVA BE ON HIM N HIS FAMILY……

I cnt sleep!! My tears wont stop running since monin TEMA MOTORWAY !!!!!!

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