Gospel Music Producer Attacks Sound Engineer For Saying Gospel Musicians Shout Too Much

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Kwasi Ernest, CEO of Media Excel and one of the veteran gospel producers in Ghana, has furiously replied sound engineer Fredyma for saying current gospel musicians shout over their songs.

Resorting to his official Facebook wall, Fredyma opined that “shouting while singing, is it a new trend? Seriously, I find it disturbing these days listening to some beautiful tunes from some of my lovely Gospel Musicians especially, the ladies laden with some sharp, itchy, voices perforating through the holes of our ears.”

He continued by adding that “they should try as much as possible to choose the right Keys, pitches, etc. with the help of their producers to churn out good music” and also said .the “producers/sound engineers cannot escape blame.”

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Kwasi Ernest, who thinks Fredyma is only exuding personality attack tendencies, also replied the latter. He posted, “It has become a trend for some people on social media the little discussions then they want to personalize and put certain people they don’t even know into hatred ….”

He also said “go to the studios and see what is happening it’s the sound engineers that are even forcing some of this artist to shout and comparing them to look like this person or that person …”

Kwasi also took a swipe at music reality shows – stating, “Look at our reality shows …Mentor, stars of the future, hitmaker and all of them …what do we see it’s the professionals in the industry that are even pushing this artist and asking them to be international artists ….it has nothing to do anyone comparing himself or herself to lumba ..

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He also ended by saying that, “It could even be a joke in the studio …let’s look at the issues from technical point than attacking individuals we don’t even know.”



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