Gospel musician Helena Rhabbles recounts how she got dumped by her ex-husband

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Celebrated Gospel musician Helena Rhabbles has for the first time unravel the mystery behind her divorce that shook the nation in 1995.

In an interview with Stacy Amoateng on ‘Restoration’, she said her husband had then traveled to the United Kingdom to study.

When he returned a year and a half later, he told Helena to accompany him to a church meeting only for her to know that they were going to get divorced.

“Mr. Rhabbles had gone to the United Kingdom to study. He came on a Tuesday in 1995. I remember so well because I was in the studio recording ‘Satan Don Fall for Ground’. He came on Tuesday and said we were going to the Assemblies of God General Council Meeting. And it was there I was told I was being divorced,” she said.

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Helena said when her ex-husband arrived from the United Kingdom the entire family went to pick him up from the airport and everything was okay.

According to Helena, they had issues before he travelled and because there were no telephones at that time, there was little communication.

“When he was leaving [for the UK] there were few things that were going on from the family side so it wasn’t all rosy,” she added.

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