Gospel Musicians Who Think Those Who Do Secular Music Are Devilish Are Hypocrites-MzVee

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Dancehall artiste, Mzvee has described those Gospel musicians in the country who see those who sing secular music as devilish, hypocrites.

Mzvee who was speaking in an interview with Hitz FM mentioned that, Ghanaian gospel musicians who have the mindset that, other musicians  who sing about love and other social issues as agents of the devil, are hypocrites as secular musicians are not devilish but doing their best with their innate abilities to also help in the Kingdom business.

Mzvee’s reaction comes on the back of a comment made by Nii Soul a former secular musician, who said that secular music is of the devil

“Anything that does not glorify God or makes your brother or sister love the things of the devil isn’t of God, thus evil.” Nii Funny said. “So it’s even bigger than music. It’s about the things we do as human beings.”

…Being a secular artiste, all we cared about was money and fame. And this selfish behaviour is something I would never want to go back to’’.—Nii Soul was qouted to have said in a recent interview.

Mzvee added that, most of her songs inspire people and cause a change in society and so that is also her contribution to the Kingdom business.

 “I have so many of my fans who message me and they actually pray for me and this is the nicest part of what I do. People are so emotional about some of my songs and they always tell in messages how I inspire them with my songs and how their lives are changed by a certain message in my songs. And it doesn’t have to be some type of gospel song that people want to hear before they say it’s a Christian song”.-She told the host.

What do you also think? Do you think those who do secular music are ‘devilish’ or you agree with Mzvee?

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