Gospel Songs Made By Secular Artistes Should Be Used For Praises & Worship In The Various Churches – Obrafour

Ghanaians are hypocrites especially Christians! This is a statement that sounds harsh and derogatory but it is true in the mindset of Ghana’s most extant rapper of all time, Obrafour. Its truism is well demoed in how Ghanaians tag some group of artistes and their works as ungodly or secular while others are labeled as gospel. Simply put, Obrafour says Christians are hypocrites for not singing gospel songs made by secular musicians in their churches.

Speaking in an inspiring conversation with DJ Roar, the host of Kumasi based Kessben FM’s Entertainment Cirkle via telephone, the rapper admitted he doesn’t see why Christians should label or judge some artistes and their songs as profane or secular that cannot be used to glorify God in the various churches. This segregation by Ghanaians especially Christians gives Obrafour headache.

The reality is that, so long as the lyrical content portrays the Holiness of God, it should qualify to be used during Church service. I don’t know why Christians brings in the various divisions. What does secular means? Meanwhile, the so called ‘gospel musicians’ and the secular ones all dwells on planet earth. See, the lifestyle of some secular musicians are more pleasing to God than the so called gospel artistes”, Obrafour revealed.

According to Obrafour, the Bible nowhere condemns any particular style of music. Thus, there is no biblical basis to declare any particular style of music to be secular or outside of God’s will. He, therefore, dares Christians to stop judging and leave everything to our maker.

Everything depends on the heart. Christians have no right to categorize songs as gospel and secular. Per Biblical evidence, David was supposed to be killed after seducing Bathsheba but God saved him. This means, only God has the right to judge. The same Christians are present at clubs, so what they’re doing is a mere hypocrisy at the zenith level” Obrafour posited.

This assertion by Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere, affectionately called Obrafour presupposes that his current inspiring song titled  “Aseda” should be used by Christians during Church service.

Watch Obrafour’s self-acclaimed ‘gospel’ song below: