Gospel Songs of Today Are Waste; Shatta Wale’s Songs Are Even Better – Pastor Explains Why

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Ghana gospel music industry can not be praised without mentioning Mr Hammond Love publicly known as Pastor Love.


Pastor Love over the years has been a blessing to Ghana gospel music and has helped a lot of musicians into stardom, of which his “ex-wife” Christiana Love now Obaapa Christy is one of the great beneficiaries of his contribution.


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He was the song writer and a producer for then Christiana Love who produced countless of hits songs and has received many awards in Ghana and overseas.

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Speaking to Kwadwo Boateng Coxby on Zylofon FM over the week expressed worry and disappointment towards the lyrical content of contemporary gospel songs released into the system. According to him, the current crop of gospel songs are waste and shoddy which the secular ones are even better.

“I don’t watch nor listen to today’s gospel music/videos, I prefer Shatta Wale or Stobebwoy’s songs because they make more sense lyrically to me than some gospel musicians today”, he insisted.

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The disappointed Pastor Love further hinted on how some gospel musicians rush in producing “shallow and disposable” music with weak lyrics which doesn’t influence and promote Christianity”.


Ahh well, that’s his (Pastor Love) candid opinion, therefore, we can’t accept nor nullify that. Regardless do you think the ‘wackest’ state of contemporary gospel songs produced in Ghana can be compared to Shatta Wale’s Kpuu Kpaa, Gringo, etc?? You decide.

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