We Got It Wrong! MzVee Was Not Really In A Toilet Room, It Was An Illusion

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I must say the person who edited the picture is a good designer. We posted an article moments ago with the title ” Oh Noo Mzvee! Why Torture Yourself In A Toilet Room, It’s Really Dumb”   I had criticized the creative team for showing a low sense of creativity by taking a photo that is being used as a promo for MzVee’s latest single “My Time”. Unfortunately, things were not as it looked like, as i was informed by  Lynx Entertainment, the enterainment house who are responsible for the management of MzVee, few minutes after the story was published that the picture in question had been edited and was never the real photo being used for the promo. The real picture which i have attached below had been tampered by a fan on twitter who i guess wanted to create some sort of satirity.mzvee


I hereby do apologise  especially to MzVee and the Lynx Entertainment crew for criticising wrongly. I must however commend the Lynx Crew for drawing my attention to what actually happened and addresing the matter in the most  humble manner. Now, that is excellent PR at work. We are all humans and we won’t be perfect in some way but with effective dialogue, i believe we can solve issues amicably. Anyway, we still can’t stop laughing right? Cheers MzVee!  Take a Look at the picture if you’ve missed it

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