Woman Dresses Granddaughter With Shoes She Bought For The Mother 34-Years Ago

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There is a lovely story currently making rounds on social media and we guess it will fascinate you too.

According to a woman called @onyii_barbie on Instagram, she was surprised to see her mother dress her  granddaughter with her own shoe she wore as a baby.

Onyii’s mother wore the same shoe for Onyi’s daughter, her grandchild and which obviously brought goosebumps and nostalgia.

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Onyii wrote: “Hmmmm na so I dey today as my mum dressed my baby girl for school today guess what I saw my mum wore my Ada(daughter) d same shoe I wore on my first birthday which was in 1985 this woman can keep things for Africa. Luv you mum.”

See below:

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