Friday, November 27, 2020

It’s Only Great Musicians Who Release Hit After Hit’-Gasmilla

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Ghanaian musician, Gasmilla has struggled to make any hit song since his hot banger Telemo he produced fours ago. Gamilla, born Odartei Milla Lamptey, has attributed this development to the high expectation of Ghanaians

Telemo became a street anthem and elevated Gasmilla’s status in the music industry. Unfortunately he has not been able to match it up with subsequent productions like China, Joo, Sword and a host of others.

Speaking in an interview with Showbiz, the musician said it takes God’s intervention for a musician to release hit song after hit song.

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As to why the situation is so, Gasmilla said Ghanaians generally fall in love with a musician’s first hit and wait for something bigger than that and once you are not able to do so you are easily forgotten.

Here’s what he said:

For instance it will be difficult for Nana Boroo to release a song bigger than Aha Yede or D -Cryme to release a song bigger than Kill Me Shy. It will take a long time for any musician to release songs which will overcome his previous hit.

Telemo reigned for nine months and even though I had popular songs like 3 Points, Aboodantoi, Letter To The Government, none of them could match up to Telemo.

When asked why musicians like Ebony had been able to get countless hits, Gasmilla answered that even though the Dancehall artiste is doing so well, her songs do not last long like Telemo did. Gasmilla said it is only genius musicians who are able to release hit after hit.

So is Gasmilla telling us that he’s not a genius that’s why he cannot release a hit song? Your guess is as good as mine.

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