Greg Abbott Net Worth; How Much Is The Politician Worth?

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Greg Abbott is a prominent American politician and lawyer who currently serves as the Governor of Texas. Read this article to find out more about his net worth and salary. 


Greg Abbott was born on November 13, 1957, in Wichita Falls, Texas, in the United States of America. He, however, grew up in Duncanville, a suburb of Dallas in the United States of America. He earned his undergraduate degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981 and went on to receive his law degree from Vanderbilt University in 1984.

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Greg Abbott Net Worth

Greg Abbott is recorded to have an estimated net worth of about $23million approximately. He reportedly makes a lot of money from his career as a politician. The famous governor of makes a sum of $500,000 every single month. Currently, it is recorded that his career as a politician among his other businesses is his major source of income.


Greg Abbott Career

Greg Abbott
American politician, Greg Abbott
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Greg Abbott started his career as a law clerk for a federal judge in San Antonio and later worked as a private practice attorney in Houston. He joined the Office of the Attorney General in 1988 and became a senior lawyer in 1993.

During his time with the Office of the Attorney General, the politician was responsible for defending the state’s interests in various legal cases and also fought against lawsuits challenging Texas’ laws. He was appointed as the Attorney General of Texas in 2002 and served in that role for 12 years, becoming one of the longest-serving attorneys general in the state’s history.

In 2014, he announced his candidacy for governor of Texas and was elected by a wide margin, succeeding Rick Perry. As governor, Abbott has focused on creating a strong economy, improving public education, and ensuring public safety.

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He has also taken a strong stance on immigration and border security and has signed several bills aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration. Abbott has been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and has signed several bills aimed at expanding gun rights in Texas.

He has faced criticism from some groups for his stance on several issues, including abortion rights and LGBTQ rights. He has also faced criticism for his handling of the state’s response to natural disasters, including Hurricane Harvey, which caused widespread damage in Texas in 2017. Despite the criticism, Abbott has remained popular among Texas voters, and he was re-elected in 2018 with a substantial margin.

Throughout his career, he has received several awards and recognition for his service to Texas. He was honored as the “Public Official of the Year” by the Texas Municipal League in 2006 and was named the “Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year” by the State Bar of Texas in 1988.

He is also the recipient of several prestigious awards from various organizations, including the Texas Medical Association and the Texas Apartment Association.


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