Groom cries uncontrollably, leaves his wife and refuses to let go of his mom after his wedding (+VIDEO)

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A groom and his mother created a scene at their wedding when the two refused to let go of each other as they shed uncontrollable tears

While holding each other, the two shared a mother-son moment before he finally separates from her to join his soulmate creating an emotional scene at his wedding.

They were on the floor to dance but got emotional and could not hide it from the numerous guests present at the wedding.

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In the video sighted on Instagram, the groom’s mother is seen holding her son firmly while consoling him as they prepare to part ways to live separately.

The mom who watched on as her son cried could not help but join him in crying as he was simply inconsolable.

Interestingly, the emcee of the event, instead of calming the groom and his mother down, urged them to express themselves, saying it’s okay to do so.

The video has sparked reactions, with many people saying that it is normal for the groom to get emotional as he was leaving his mother with whom he has probably spent the better part of his life, especially if they both went through difficult times together.

But some Instagram users say the emotional moment could be a red flag, signalling how the groom would remain a ‘mummy’s boy’ even after the marriage, which might be difficult for his wife to handle.

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