Groom dumps bride at the altar after his mother said she was too ‘ugly

On the day of their wedding, a man dumped his future wife when his mother interrupted the ceremony because her future daughter-in-law was too short and unappealing.

According to accounts, the mother of the groom had only seen images of the future wife before the wedding and only got to see her in person for the first time there.

But when she finally met her in person, she told her son to call off the wedding right away because she couldn’t let him wed the Tunisian woman known as Lamia Al-Labawi because she was too “short” and “ugly.”

In pictures taken at the beginning of the event, the bride, Lamia Al-Labawi, is beaming while wearing her wedding gown, and her fiancé is shady-looking in a dinner suit while wiping his forehead.

Lamia shared information on social media about what happened on her big day as the sadness developed.

Lamia claimed to be a “orphan” and that the wedding preparations had been expensive on her blog.

She claimed that the rejection had startled her and that she finds it difficult to look people in the eyes and hear their whispers.

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