Serious wahala as former girlfriend storms wedding and dumps baby in offertory bowl during gift presentation to the newlyweds

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A woman who felt betrayed on hearing about the wedding of the man she has been sleeping with all this while stormed his wedding to cause chaos.

In a trending photo, the lady who was probably impregnated by the groom took their child to him and dumped him into the offertory bowl when it was time for them to take their gifts from the wedding guests.

According to the report culled from some websites, the bride and groom were each given a separate bowl to collect the gifts from friends and family who attended the wedding to support them.

At this juncture, a woman who was believed to be the husband’s sidekick brought a child as an offertory to the husband.

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This angered the bride who kept a straight face but according to the report, the wedding still went ahead after the woman was restrained.

The origin of the photo has not been established yet at the time of filing this report.

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Meanwhile, a thief has received a ‘mild’ punishment after he was made to pay for several hours after he was caught stealing in a mosque during Jummah prayers.

As of the time the video was shared filmed and shared, he was reportedly on the 10th rakah.

It came to light that the suspect whose identity has not been established will be handed to the police after he was done praying.

Watch the video below;

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