Gully Bop Age: How Old Was The Artiste Before Death?

Gully Bop, a prominent figure in the realm of dancehall music, has regrettably passed away. As disclosed by Pastor Chris Tate of El’Shaddai Prophetic Ministries, the entertainer drew his last breath at Kingston Public Hospital on Monday. Gully Bop, whose birth name was Robert Lee Malcolm, grappled with a kidney ailment for several months and had been receiving medical attention at the hospital.

Meet Gully Bop, dancehall music artist.

Gully Bop was renowned not only for his musical career but also for his relationships with fellow artists like A’mari and Shauna Chin.

Gully Bop’s ascent to fame materialized in 2014 when a video of his street performance of the hit song “Body Specialist” went viral on social media.

This unforeseen turn of events dramatically altered his life, propelling him from poverty to prosperity and capturing the affection of many in Jamaica.

His rise to stardom was swift and culminated in his headline performance at the Sting festival in December 2014, marking the zenith of his relatively short-lived career.

Nonetheless, when Gully Bop neared the end of his life, he encountered difficulty once more and was apparently homeless. In August, a social media supporter known as Aunty Donna, whose real name is Donna Gowe, issued an urgent plea for help on his behalf, citing his poor health and difficult circumstances.

Early and Career Journey

Gully Bop, born Robert Lee Malcolm, is a dancehall deejay who made his debut in the 1980s as Country Man. In 2014, he rose from destitute to celebrity.

Dancehall star Robert ‘Gully Bop’ Malcolm has apparently battled health and financial challenges for some time.

Reggae and dancehall recording artist who went popular after a video of him freestyling surfaced He released his debut EP, Rags to Riches.

He battled for twenty years before getting his big break. He mended fans, ran errands, and did a variety of odd tasks around town.

He was previously a dancehall artist known as Country Man, but he was unable to establish a career at the time.

In 2016, he faced legal troubles in the United States, where he was charged with domestic abuse and robbery in connection with an incident involving A’mari, who was also serving as his manager at the time.

Additionally, in 2018, he was arrested and charged with assault resulting in bodily harm after an altercation with a woman.

In January 2015, a rupture in his bowel necessitated emergency surgery, which cost $880,000. He was lucky that this happened after he had his big break; otherwise, his life would have been lost.

Gully Bop emerged in the press earlier this year after an extended absence due to reports of his deteriorating health and urgent medical needs.

According to reports, he was hospitalized in 2021 owing to acute hernia-related pain that demanded surgery. Despite the medical intervention, he still required basic essentials for his daily well-being, such as food and medication.

How Old Was the Artiste Before Death?

Gully Bop death

Gully Bop, a dancehall artist, is said to have died. According to many news outlets, the musician died earlier today at the age of 59.


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