Thursday, November 26, 2020

This Guy Arranged With The Police To Arrest His Girlfriend So She Will Call Him To Come Bail Her Then He Would Propose To Her But She Called Another Boyfriend-The Story

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So there’s this funny story that’s trending on Twitter in Nigeria and when you think about it, you wonder WTF the guy was thinking. Perhaps he saw that in a movie and wanted to do it in real life.

So according to the person who posted the funny story, a guy wanted to propose marriage to his girlfriend in the most ‘romantic’ way so he planted weed in her car and with the help of the police, they arrested her.

The plan was that, the police arrest her and then she would call him up to come bail her, then when he gets to the station, the police would intentionally also put him behind bars, then he would propose to her in there—yeah, like seriously!

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Unfortunately, when the girl was arrested and put behind cells, she called another boyfriend of hers to come bail her. So when she was making the call, the police asked her who she was calling and she said the boyfriend. The police thought she was actually calling their guy they arrnaged the whole thing with only for a different guy to show up at the station.

Now when the other guy heard what has happened after arriving at the scene, he couldn’t just stop crying like a baby.



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