“Guys Are Funny, They H!t Their ‘Side-chicks’ Harder Than They Do Their Actual Girlfriends,”-Nigerian Lady Observes

A Nigerian Lady has made known an observation she has made in men with regards to the way they treat their real girlfriends and their side-chicks.

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According to Omasilachi Amanda Ifeoluwa Chinda, she has observed that men ‘cum’ early when they have intercourse with their actual girlfriends but will hit side-chicks so hard as if their lives depended on them.

This she has seen to be funny to her as she can’t understand why that has to be the case, but one reason could be that the side-chick probably get a greater part of a man’s budget with their unnecessary and outrageous demands and so they have to be hit hard because that’s the only thing that they could offer the man.

“Guys are funny, if they’re having sex with their so-called girlfriend, they tend to cum quickly but if it’s their side chic, they will hit and hit like their life depend on it,” Chinda wrote.

“Because with that emotions it’s sweeter…it’s same for girls been wet easily with their boyfriend and been sore with their sugar daddy,” wrote @kaka_johnpaul01 in reaction to Chinda’s post.

@SunzyShow added; “Girlfriend won’t cast your performance but those sidechics get friends waiting for gist. We gotta let them know”

See Chinda’s post below;


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