Gyakie and Black Sherif are fading away – Blakk Rasta insists

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According to Blakk Rasta, a controversial radio personality, Ghanaian artists Gyakie and Black Sherif have been buried since their names are no longer in the music scene.

The renowned Ghanaian reggae musician Abubakar Ahmed, also known as Black Rasta and Black Sherif, seems to have moved beyond the mania that accompanies the Black Sherif and Black Rasta titles that come with their rule.

The presenter of the radio show said that Gyakie and Black Sherif are no longer active in the music business in Ghana and that their presence there is now irrelevant due to their absence from the scene.

He based his comments on the success of the Nigerian musician Teckno’s song Buga, which has dominated the radios and music charts, displacing songs like Black Sherif’s “Kwaku the traveler.”

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In an interview with blogger Attractive Mustapha, the creator of the popular song “Barack Obama” said that the mentality of Ghanaians, in which “fruits are pushed to mature,” is a problem. As a result, talents are not cultivated effectively for the business.

“Where is Gyakie right now, are you still hearing about Gyakie, you are an entertainment journalist, look at the hoopla they gave to Gyakie and now she is unable to be found, so where exactly is Gyakie right now?”

When the Blogger responded that no artist would ever be at the top of their game for an indefinite amount of time, Black Rasta said that the proverb does not apply to new musicians who enter the scene and then fade away after a year or two.

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On the part of Black Sherif, Black Rasta said it was a mistake for industry players to compare the “Kwaku Frimpong” star who is not yet mature in the entertainment game to experienced and matured musicians.

He reiterated that the Nigerian song Buga has buried Black Sherif’s “Kwaku the traveler” and now people have forgotten about him and dancing to ‘Buga’ everywhere.

“Ghanaians have dumped ‘Kwaku the traveler’ for the Buga song,” Blakk Rasta said.


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