Gyimii, take scissors and cut off the excess fat in her body- Woman slams Adu Safowaa for body shaming Vivian Jill

A Ghanaian woman has slammed Adu Safowaa for recently body shaming Vivian Jill Lawrence over the Tracey Boakye snatching her man saga.

Reports spearheaded by a lot of blogs days ago indicate that Frank Badu Ntiamoah and Vivian were dating when Tracey emerged from nowhere and snatched him from her own godmother.

Against this background, Adu who has gained notoriety for fighting everyone in the industry surfaced to cast a slur at Vivian while body-shaming.

She insisted that it’s because she has become ‘obolo’ (plump) which is why Frank left him for Tracey.

This has angered a fan of Vivian Jill who has surfaced to put Safowaa in her place.

She blasted her and reminded her that even if it’s true that Vivian is now fat, she could still attract suitors better than her when they go men hunting.

She’s heard saying;

“What annoys me most is she is still single in her thirties with her so called nice body. What happened to her exes, why didn’t they marry her cos she has a nice body.”


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