Hajia 4 Real Sings Better Than Beyonce – CJ Biggerman Claims

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Rapper CJ Biggerman has claimed that Hajia 4 Real sings better than the world-famous Beyonce and it appears he’s the only one who thinks that way as most people disagree with him on that.

CJ Biggerman probably after listening to both Hajia 4 Real and Beyonce and comparing their voices and other things concluded that Hajia 4 Real sings better than Beyonce but unfortunately, he’s the only one who thinks so.

He shared it on his Facebook page and the reaction from fans shows that he’s actually the only one who thinks so as some people believe he might have smoked something before writing that.

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CJ Biggerman didn’t give any explanation as to why he said that and that is why some people disagree with him because we believe he will be understood from the angle he’s coming from if he had shared more light on it and not left it just like that.

Screenshot below;


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