Friday, December 4, 2020

Hajia Bintu Cries Out For Help As Her Personality Is Being Used To Scam People On Social Media

TikTok star Hajia Bintu has cried out for help following a Report of her personality being used to scam people on social media.

Hajia Bintu gained popularity after her TikTok video went viral and since then has become one of the stars on the TikTok app with her wings spreading wide on other social media platforms.

Unfortunately, it seems someone is trying to use her popularity to dupe people as the person has created an Instagram account with the name ‘Hajia Bintu’.

However, the original account of the TikTok star is Bintu Hajia, which has over 300 thousand followers whereas the fake account has a bit over 8,000 followers.

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Hajia Bintu in an Instagram post asked people to help her report the account because it was scamming people and taking their monies.

Screenshot below;

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