Hajia4Real Abandons Her Innocent Daughter In Ghana To Go ‘Grind’ Men In Turkey(+Video)

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Sometimes we see some things happening on social media and we ask ourselves several questions about its existence and importance.

Some of our Ghanaian slay queens have taken this social media pressure to the next level as most of them go the extra mile to do unimaginable things just to get fame and money.

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Hajia4Real as most people know, likes to travel and show off which ‘inspires’ other young girls; to these young girls, they also need to get rich men in their lives to live that flashy lifestyle most of the other slay queens live on social media including that of Mona.

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In a series of videos we have watched in recent times, we realized Hajia4Real only went to Turkey to chill with her ‘bad babes’ leaving her innocent daughter here in Ghana.

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Well, for someone who has a daughter, she should know the extent to which she does things, especially in the public domain. She did not post those videos on her social media pages but the ‘konkonsa’ in us as a blog saw them on her friend’s pages and recorded them.

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Hajia4Real was seen grinding men in clubs on two different occasions and having naughty moments with her girlfriends.

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How would she be a good influence on her daughter and other young girls who admire her personality? We also understand that her baby daddy has been deported to Ghana and there are series of ‘issues’ between them. We’ll give you full details of that ‘gossip’ very soon.

Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us:




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