Hajia4Real reportedly set to face trial and jail term for fraud

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Hajia4Real, who wished to disprove rumors that she was under house arrest, posted a video of herself to Instagram just a few hours ago.

Observant users of social media noticed that she was wearing an electronic bracelet designed to help officials keep tabs on her whereabouts.

Hajia4Real looks to be in the same category as those who would be given the GPS-equipped device.

Hajia4Real’s ankle tracker has been seen in a new social media footage showing her chilling in the UK.

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She thought she was being sneaky by concealing the tracker in her knee-high boots, but the gadget was too large to stay out of sight. Her left leg, where the tracking device was implanted, appeared swollen and larger than the other legs.



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In light of this latest Hajia4real-related news, unverified rumors are circulating that plans are in the works to transfer the socialite from the United Kingdom to the United States.

Two social media users, who are widely believed to be in possession of credible information about the present Hajia4Real case, spread this rumor online.

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Hajia4Real, it is claimed by Snapchat users Realsenatoreze1 and King Charles III, will be transported to the United States and sentenced to a minimum of ten years in prison.

Hajia4Real has maintained, contrary to what was published last year and what has now been revealed, that she is a free woman and is not under the watch of the UK government.



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