Hank Jefferies: Life, Age, Father & Other Facts

Hank Jefferies is one of the very popular celebrity kids out there who, at a very young age, is enjoying and revelling in the fame and influence of his father. It suffices to mention that his mother is also popular as she is an actress.

In this article, we take a look at the life of a celebrity kid who is barely 11 years but already enjoying the fame of his parents.

When an individual strives to make a good name for themselves, the spillover effect is that their offspring also get to enjoy their fame and legacy.

We are talking about Hank Jefferies, who is just ten years old as of the writing of this article, because of his fathr’s fame.

What have you heard about Hank Jefferies?

His surname alone might give you a lot of guesses if you have been following your comedy but we shall soon talk about who Hank Jefferies father is.

In the meantime, let’s look at the brief biography of the little boy, Hank.

Hank Jefferies Biography

Hank Jefferies father

He is not your regular child as at a very young age, he is already a celebrity, but who is he, and why is he so popular?

The young celebrity was born to an Australian father and a Canadian mother on November 7, 2012.

Both Hank Jefferies Australian father and Canadian mother are celebrities so it is no surprise that the little boy has become popular even before he makes any inroads into achievements that would make people recognize his own work and accord him the attention that hard work deserves.

So what is Hank Jefferies age?

He is still a very young boy who can barely take any decisions of his own without the guidance of his parents.

Hank Jefferies age is ten years as we write this article right now. By the time you land on this website to read about this amazing young boy, his age might have changed but be guided by the fact that he was born on November 7, 2012.

He will turn 12 when November 2022 comes around.

One thing that the young man would have wanted is for his parents to share a home, unfortunately, this is not the case.

That notwithstanding, Hank Jefferies enjoys love from both of his parents and that is just fine.

Many kids in such situations would often have to be when only one of their parents which most often makes life so difficult for them.

Thankfully, Hank Jefferies father showers him with a lot of love just as much as his mother does.

Facts about Hank

Hank Jefferies

Let’s see a few facts about Hank Jefferies.

Hank has already proven himself to be a tough critic at a young age.

His father once acknowledged to the media that Hank had a humorous billboard of him on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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In his spare time, Hank Jefferies exhibits a keen interest in viewing movies.

The film “Wonder Woman” is among the ones he cherishes a lot.

Hank Jefferies enjoys watching his father’s stand-up comedy shows as well

Hank Jefferies’ refusal to make any sort of jokes about chicken is another intriguing aspect of his life.

He seems to love chicken to the moon and back.

It is quite interesting the kind of child Hank is but who is his father?

Hank Jefferies Father

Hank Jefferies father is the legendary comedian Jim Jefferies.

Who is Jim Jefferies?

An Australian comedian, actor, and writer with dual citizenship in both Australia and the United States, Hank Jefferies father, Geoff James Nugent, is better known by his stage name Jim Jefferies.

He was the creator and star of the Comedy Central late-night program The Jim Jefferies Show as well as the American FX series Legit.

Geoff James Nugent, Jefferies’ father, was a cabinet maker and maintenance worker, while his mother was a substitute teacher.

Jefferies was born in Sydney on February 14, 1977.

His father was a native of Queensland’s Roma.

Hank Jefferies father Jim was born and raised in Sydney before relocating to Perth to enrol at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts to study musical theatre and classical music, though he abandoned the program before it could be completed.

Scott, an investment banker, and Daniel, an inspector with the Public Order and Riot Squad of the New South Wales Police Force, are his two older brothers.


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