Hanna Prater biography: Who is Sebastian Vettel wife?

Hanna Prater biography: Who is Sebastian Vettel wife?

Who is Hanna Prater?

Hanna Prater is Sebastian Vettel’s wife. She is a former student of industrial design and hails from the same German town of Heppenheim as Vettel. The romance between Sebastian and Hanna began when they were still in school. They have been together for a long time and are high school sweethearts.

Hanna Prater bio

A German father and an English mother gave birth to Hanna Prater in 1988. She graduated from Baden-Württemberg Fashion School with a degree in textile design after attending Heppenheim Middle School and continuing there. Prater is a huge fan of Barcelona FC and enjoys playing football.

Hanna Prater height

Given that the German is highly cautious about her personal life, Hanna Prater’s age and height are unknown. However, given she attended the same school as Sebastian Vettel, we can infer that they are close in age.

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What does Hanna Prater do?

According to reports, Hanna attended school for industrial fashion design and has worked for “Look Magazine” and the S. Oliver fashion brand. Currently a housewife, she takes care of her three children while her husband travels the world competing in races.

Hanna Prater husband

According to reports, the couple started dating in 2006 but decided to get married in 2019. Also of them were classmates, and they were both natives of Heppenheim, Germany. The names of the couple’s three children, the most recent of whom they have not yet revealed, have not yet been revealed. Emile and Mathilda are the names of the other two.

According to reports, Hanna Prater worked for S.Oliver and “Look Magazine.” She quit her career after she wed Vettel, and since then, she has been his housewife. There is no formal confirmation that she is a student studying industrial fashion, despite reports to the contrary.

The world champion is not on any social media, and he and his wife are quite quiet about their personal lives.

Hanna Prater children

Three children are born to the couple in love. Emilie Vettel, their oldest child, was born on January 12, 2014. Likewise, in September 2015, their second child, a daughter named Mathilda Vettel, was born. 2019 saw the birth of a boy for the couple. They haven’t provided any information about their son.

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Hanna Prater net worth

Sebastian Vettel’s wife, Prater, shares a net worth with the German four-time champion. Her estimated net worth as a result is $150 million.

Sebastian Vettel, her husband, is also a multimillionaire. He is thought to be worth a staggering $140 million. Sebastian has saved up his money from a career as a professional Formula One racer.

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