Hannah Waddingham Biography, Movies, Songs, Daughter, Net Worth

Hannah Waddingham is a British actress and singer known for her role in movies like Ted Lasso and various West End shows. She is also known for her role in shows like “The Wizard of Oz”, “Into the Woods”, “Game of Thrones” and others. Keep reading as we reveal more details about the sensational actress.

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Hannah Waddingham Biography

Waddingham was born on 28 July 1974 in London, England. She graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Hannah at a very young age was mostly in the theatre and very great with the acting craft.

Most of her sensational acting skills are attributed to her parents and family who were already into acting. Her maternal grandparents were opera singers and this influenced her decision to go into acting.

From the 2000s, Hannah featured in a number of movies and stage acting. Apart from acting, she also released singles which were also doing very well. In the list below, we will take a look at some of her works.

Hannah Waddingham Movies


  • How to Lose Friends & Alienate People as Elizabeth Maddox
  • Les Misérables as Factory Worker
  • Winter Ridge as Joanne Hill
  • The Hustle as Pub girl
  • The Fishwife of Grimsby as Brenda
  • Hocus Pocus 2

Television Shows

  • My Family as Katie
  • Ted Lasso as Rebecca Welton
  • Josh as Phillipa
  • The Entire Universe
  • Game of Thrones as Septa Unella


  • Kiss Me, Kate as Lilli Vanessi / Katharina Minola
  • Into the woods as The Witch
  • A little night music as Desirée Armfeldt
  • The Wizard of Oz as Miss Gulch / Wicked Witch

Hannah Waddingham’s Daughter

Waddingham is single and not married. However, she has been in a relationship with Gianluca Cugnetto. They have a child born to them in 2015 by the name of Kitty. Her daughter has an autoimmune disease known as Henoch–Schönlein purpura.

Hannah Waddingham’s Net Worth

From her acting career, Hannah’s estimated net worth is about $5 million. She has made a lot of money by featuring in several films and television shows.

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