Today is Mother’s Day in Ghana and some part of the world. Mothers are being celebrated for the pivotal role they play in our lives and it’s only prudent that each year, a special day is there to celebrate our moms.

Artist Ray Styles has painted the various stages of our moms and how they see us go through life and we couldn’t help but share this with you.

So go through these photos and share this story with friends, so they can see how Amazing your mom is.

1.When your mom carried you for 9 months in her womb.

2.When she delivered you at the hospital,  the joy on her face.


3. When she took you to school, so you can get good education

4.When you graduated from the University, mommy was there.

5. The day you got married, mom was filled with joy.

6. When you gave birth, you gave her soo much joy and she took care of your kids as grandma

7.Now this is heart break-breaking—–Mom finally left—-a very painful experience.

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