“Hard times will follow after Coronavirus” – TB Joshua drops first prophecy from the Mountains

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General Overseer and Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua drops first prophecy after his return from the mountains.

A few days ago popular Nigerian prophet TB Joshua after giving a false prophecy as to when Coronavirus (COVID-19) would come to an end went to the mountains to pray for a new direction from God.

This is the latest of his prophecies after he came down from the mountain where he sought the face of God and interceeded for the people of the world. He said that the good Lord revealed the prophecy to him, asking people to brace themselves for a big impact.

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TB Joshua emphasized that many may adjust to the hard life coming after the covid-19 whilst others fall off grid and die since they can’t stand the pain and pressure that would come.

The prophet advised family members and the youths to cut their coats according to their sizes i.e, stop overspending and doing things which are beyond them and prepare, for what is coming is unimaginable.

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See his Quote below:

“If you don’t get your job back or you don’t get a proper job or a full-time job or you run into loss or lose a loved one after this lockdown, don’t despair; don’t doubt your Guard.

“God is about to establish you. Ask any successful man or woman and they will tell you about how much disappointment and setback they had to endure to come to a new level in life.

“For many, it was a sack letter, an accusation, a petition against them and they lost their job – but today they are established. I want to believe the similar signs I am seeing now will happen to many while others may lose loved ones or run into loss.

“I can see beyond many of our situations at hand. That is why I am telling you that behind that situation lies your future. After the lockdown, whatever disappointment you will receive or whatever happens – think deeply and you will see the reason this is happening to you.

“Remember, many successful people today once had the same experience and they were moved to a higher level in life thereby.

“Ordinarily, you would not want to leave your position or status and say you want to establish yourself without a situation like this.

Something must happen – and that seems to be happening now. Sometimes God allows situations like this – I mean disappointment or something more serious – so that you can take your proper position and possessions. Sometimes it is to enable you to get to where you belong. I know where I belong!

“What is your dark moment? It may be to make you see clearly where you belong, I mean to prepare you for your future. I know where I belong! It is time to know where you belong; that is why all this is happening now.

Don’t forget everything big starts little. If something big starts big, it calls for concern.

“Starting little with a sincere heart is evidence that you will grow. Everything genuine likes to start little. You have to be ready to start little, cut your coat according to your cloth and endure temporary pain.

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