Hard Work Pays: Nigerian Lady Becomes Home Owner At 26 In The United States

There’s really no other way to genuine financial freedom anywhere in the world apart from hard work, with a little bit of luck sometimes.

Eva, home owner at 26 in America
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When you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, your parents really worked their hearts out to get things in place for you for a good start to your life, and it’s important to work hard to add up.

Against all the odds, as one would look at it, a Nigerian lady, a nurse, is celebrating owning her own house in the United States of America after some struggle initially where she was, according to her, nearly thrown out of her rented apartment for late payment of her bills and rent.

The Lady, known as Eva, celebrated her achievement on Instagram apparently to give hope to other people that anything is achievable.

She did have some words of inspirations for her generation where she said that it is imperative not to limit yourself as an individual, keep working, keep going; adding that one day, everything will work itself out.

She added that one’s Current Situation is not the final destination at all.

Below is what she wrote on IG to celebrate being a home owner at just 26;

“I bought my first House at the age of 26 in United State. Brand New house, first to Move in. 2020 construction completed in Nov 2020. No financial assistance, No co-signer, ? all ME and My God. 4 Bedroom 3bathroom.
Few years ago, I couldn’t afford to pay for a 1 bedroom apartment I lived in with my Younger siblings. I was almost evicted by my Landlord, was Always late on my bills and rent. Today AM A LANDLORD OF MY OWN. Am a Home Owner in America Babe??
Not sure who needs to hear this… Don’t limit yourself, keep working, keep going, one day everything will work itself out. Your Current Situation is not your final destination”.

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