Harry Maguire receives bomb threat as police launch investigation and sweep his home

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Manchester United is not only enduring a torrid season, their captain Harry Maguire is equally going through a horrendous season the height of which has been the bomb threat he received earlier today against him and his immediate family.

The media in Britain has been awash with viral reports that the player had been the subject of a threat now under investigation by Cheshire police.

The Telegraph confirmed the news by reporting that a spokesperson for the England international had said: “In the last 24 hours, Harry has received a serious threat to his family home. He has reported this to the police who are now looking into the matter.

“The safety of his family and those around him is obviously Harry’s number one priority. He will continue to prepare for this weekend’s fixture as normal and we will not be commenting in any further detail at this time.”

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The Sun on the other hand revealed that the threat came in the form of an email warning that a bomb would be placed in Maguire’s family property where he lives with his fiancee Fern Hawkins and their two daughters.

This threat, coupled with a flurry of verbal abuse aimed at Maguire has come at the time his form has dipped which has been captured in ridiculous decisions on the pitch.

Meanwhile, he has defended his performances earlier in the week by saying: “I wouldn’t be playing every game for Manchester United in the starting eleven if I’d been playing bad every game or not playing well enough.


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