Has Ebony Reincarnated? New Girl Pops Up On Social Media & She Looks Just Like Late Ebony

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We’ve seen about 3 Ebony look-alikes but a new one has popped up on Social media and people are asking if its Ebony re-incarnated because of the shocking resemblance she shares with the late Ebony Reigns.

This new look-alike of Ebony looks just like our late Ebony Reigns and you are likely to believe it is her. In the video the girl who’s name is unknown yet is heard singing Samini’s ‘Gyae Shi’ and it’s scary AF we must say.

The Late Ebony Reigns at the 2017 VGMAs

Ghbase.com has had a look at the video carefully and we just don’t know what to say. Watch the video below and be a judge.

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