Has Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Committed Suicide Or It’s A Stunt? ( Facts & Video)

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There’s a video of Joyce Dzidzor trending on Social media, which suggests that she’s dead but that has not been established yet and it all looks fake as well.

In the video that’s trending now on Social media, the controversial former HIV/AIDS ambassador is seen lying in a pool of ‘blood’ with a knife stuck in the lower part of her body, which suggests that she’s committed suicide.

The situation has made many people worried, asking if the story is true but Ghbase.com has learned that, she’s pulling a stunt for a movie, although we’ve not received any official statement yet.

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Knowing how Joyce loves to pull stunts and her past record, we are 100% convinced, she’s not committed any suicide and that she’s perfectly fine.

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Examining the posture in which she was lying on the floor and the color of the supposed blood, and how the knife has been ‘stuck’ in her body, it’s obvious it’s a scene.

And who walks unto a scene already recording like the person was expecting to come see her dead–That was some poor acting skills exhibited there.

Watch the video as shared on Social media below and disregard the news. We will update you when Ghbase.com is able to get more details.


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