Hassan Nasrallah Wikipedia, Age, Height, Weight

Hassan Nasrallah is a Lebanese Muslim cleric and political leader known very well as the 3rd secretary-general of Hezbollah. We will discuss details of Hassan Nasrallah Wikipedia, age, height and weight in this write-up.

Hassan Nasrallah Wikipedia: Who is Hassan Nasrallah?

Hassan Nasrallah has been listed on Wikipedia, and the below paragraphs will bring you everything about his bio, just as it is on Wikipedia.

Hassan was born and raised in a Shia family. He attended the al-Najah school and later a public school in the predominantly Christian neighbourhood of Sin el Fil Beirut.

In 1975, the Lebanese Civil War forced the family, including Nasrallah who was 15 at the time, to move to their ancestral home in Bazourieh, where Nasrallah completed his secondary education at the public school of Sour. There he attended secondary school and briefly joined the Amal Movement, a Lebanese Shi’a political group.

Hassan Nasrallah studied at the Shi’a seminary in the Beqaa Valley town of Baalbek. The school followed the teachings of Iraqi-born Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr, who founded the Dada Movement in Najaf, Iraq, during the early 1960s.

Nasrallah currently lives in South Beirut with his wife Fatimah Yasin and four of his children, namely, Muhammad Javed, Zainab, Muhammad Ali, and Muhammad Mahdi.

In September 1997, four Hezbollah fighters were killed in an Israeli ambush near Mlikh. One of the dead was 18-year-old Muhammad Hadi, Hassan Nasrallah’s son.

Hassan Nasrallah Leadership of Hezbollah explored

Nasrallah became the leader of Hezbollah after the Israelis assassinated the previous leader, Musawi, in 1992. During Nasrallah’s leadership, Hezbollah acquired rockets with a longer range, which allowed them to strike at northern Israel despite the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon. In 1993, Israel carried out Operation Accountability.
Much Lebanese infrastructure was destroyed during the operation, which Israel claimed was successful.

An agreement was eventually reached whereby Israel ended its attacks in Lebanon and Hezbollah agreed to stop attacks on northern Israel.
However, after a short pause, hostilities resumed. In 1996, Israel launched Operation Grapes of Wrath, blocking important Lebanese harbour cities and bombing a Syrian military base. After 16 days of Israeli attacks in Lebanon, the Israeli-Lebanese Ceasefire Understanding was agreed upon.

Again, Hezbollah agreed to stop rocket attacks in exchange for Israel halting its attacks. However, as in 1993, the peace did not last for long.

Consequently, Nasrallah is credited in Lebanon and the Arab world for ending the Israeli occupation of the south of Lebanon, something that has greatly bolstered the party’s political standing within Lebanon.

Nasrallah played a major role in a complex prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hezbollah in 2004, resulting in hundreds of Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners being freed and many human remains, including that of his son, being returned to Lebanon. The agreement was described across the Arab world as a magnificent victory for Hezbollah, and Nasrallah was personally praised for achieving these gains.

Hassan Nasrallah Age, How Old is Hassan Nasrallah?

Hassan Nasrallah is 63 years old. He was born on August 31, 1960, as the ninth of ten children into a Shia family in Bourj Hammoud, Matn District. His father, Abdul Karim Nasrallah, was born in Bazourieh, a village in Jabal Amel, and worked as a fruit and vegetable seller.

Hassan Nasrallah Height and Weight explored

Hassan Nasrallah is physically fit. However, the exact details of Hassan Nasrallah’s weight and height have not been uncovered yet. It is therefore not known how tall the leader is just as everyone still remains in doubt about his weight.

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