“Having A Daughter Makes Me So Vulnerable”–Nigerian Songstress Simi Laments

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Nigerian songstress, Simi has said that she feels so vulnerable because she has a daughter now.

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According to her, her vulnerability stems from the fact that she won’t be able to control certain things that might happen to her daughter.

She posited that she might just not be able to ensure, at all times, that her daughter doesn’t get hurt, sad insecure, confused or in pain.

Children, when growing up, need the best If care from their parents in a way that won’t make them see the world in a way that might affect their thinking and make them go wayward.

When children go wayward, most often, it is the parents that are normally blamed for not raising them well.

This is one reason Simi has this feeling of vulnerability about her daughter because anything untoward, would be blamed on her for not raising her well enough.

According to her, she has never been this vulnerable, and the fact that she has a daughter whom she is expected to do all this for, has heightened that feeling of vulnerability in her.

Simi fears she won’t be able to ensure that her daughter doesn’t suffer any of these things so that she doesn’t question her one day.

“Having a daughter has made me so vulnerable.

I want her to never be hurt, sad, insecure, in pain, confused or afraid.

The fact I won’t always be able to control these things has made me the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life,”

she lamented on Twitter.

Simi and her husband, adekunle Gold welcomed their baby girl in May 2020.

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