Having big mouth doesn’t mean you have sense – Netizen fires Afia Schwar for dragging Agric minister

A social media user identified as Adiepena Mirekua-Akwaa has fired controversial comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger over her recent comment about the Agric minister, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto.

A few days ago, Afia Schwarzenegger dragged the Minister for Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, and described him as a failure, while citing the high cost of food across the country as the bases of her rant. 

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“You people should know me by now. I, Afia Schwarzenegger, my conscience is not for sale. You can give me the whole world but once you are stupid, you will continue to be stupid. You will forever remain a thief. Once you are underperforming, I will voice it out”, Afia said in one of her videos.

But seems it some social media users do not agree with Afia Schwar’s rantings. The young lady, Adiepena, has schooled Afia Schwar on the cause of inflation in Ghana and some economic factors that contribute to the hike in food prices.

The young lady has urged Afia Schwar to do her research well on how foodstuff is transported from most villages before it finally gets to the cities. She accorded blame to market women for the hike in prices of foodstuff.

According to the young lady, most market women intentionally increase food prices for their selfish interests. Adiepena added that Afia Schwar has no right to blame the Agric Minister Dr. Afriye Akoto over the high prices of foodstuff in the market.

“You feel no one has the right to talk about you but because you have a big mouth you think you have the right to pick on anyone at any time. Having a big mouth doesn’t mean you are sensible. Before you come out to lay blame, there’s something called research. Sit and do research and know your facts before coming out to pick on the Agric minister”, she fired.

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Source: www.ghbase.com

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