“Having So Many Special Friends From The Opposite Sex Could Be The Reason Why Some People Are Still Single”-Actor, Uba Michael

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Nigerian actor Uba Michael has revealed that the reason some people sometimes remain single is that they tend to have too many special friends from the opposite sex.

Quite often, you hear some girls saying they enjoy the company of, and enjoy making friends with men than they do with other girls, and vice versa.

But according to Uba Michael, that thing could be the reason why some people remain single for some time.

Uba Michael opined that when you have so many special friends from the opposite sex, you enjoy their company just you would if you were in a relationship.

In this case, you don’t have a relationship, and you become reluctant to enter a relationship because you get all the good treatment and feel like there is no need committing to one person in a relationship.

He stated further that a relationship should make you one person’s most favourite and not everyone’s favourite.

You also make someone your favourite and not make everyone, (all your special friends) your favourites.

So when you are in the company of so many special friends of yours from the opposite sex, you become a favourite to all of them when you should have a relationship where only one person will make you their favourite.

Uba Michael made this assertion in a post on his Instastories.

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