Hayley Palmer Age, Net Worth, Parents, Husband

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After reports surfaced that she had found love, after getting involved with a man that is way older than her, many people have been asking what TV star Hayley Palmer age is. As she has become popular in the news, many other things about her including her net worth, parents, and husband have been asked about as people just want to know everything about her.

In this article, we are going to give you all the information that we have gathered, by letting you know how old she is, what her net worth is, who her parents are, and who her husband is.

What have you heard about Hayler Palmer?

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In this article, you will learn about Hayley Palmer age, net worth, parents, husband, and more.

Kindly read to the end for all the details about the TV star.

Hayley Palmer Age: Who Is She?

How old is the television show host, who is said to have found love recently? Hayley Palmer age is 41 years old at the moment.

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Hayley is a TV host who has nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently gives insights into her professional life.

She frequently makes an appearance on GB News, where most recently she hosted the entertainment program where she discussed the most recent celebrity fashions.

In addition to hosting her own weekly music and talk programs on Sky TV, Hayley, a Portsmouth native, also hosts At Home With Hayley and Saturday Night With Hayley Palmer.

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She has featured a wide range of well-known performers in her performances, including Lady Colin Campbell, Kimberly Wyatt, Faye Tozer, and Anton Du Beke from Strictly Come Dancing.

According to her website, Closer Magazine has ranked her show At Home with Hayley as one of the top 20 shows to watch.

The celebrity has finished a placement with ITV Studios and has presented a variety of occasions, including the National Television Awards and the premiere of Dancing on Ice.

Recently, she and broadcaster Mike Read co-hosted a brand-new TOTP program, and she also hosted the four-part series The Ultimate Stock.

‘Talking and music’ are Hayley’s two greatest hobbies, according to a description on her website where she also talked about her ‘dream job’.

She said: ‘I love hearing people’s stories, talking & music are my biggest passions! I’m so thrilled to be doing my dream job.

‘I used to sit behind a desk and go through the motions of the day feeling unfulfilled, I just couldn’t work out how I would ever change my life.

‘I’m living proof that you can do whatever you want to do, providing you have the right mindset. I would encourage anyone to follow their dreams.’

We know Hayley Palmer age, and who she is, but what is her net worth?

Hayley Palmer Net Worth

Hayley Palmer is believed o be earning a lot from her career as a television host, however, how much exactly she is worth has not been put out there.


There isn’t much information about the television star’s lovely parents. We have not been able to find any information about her parents.

Not all celebrities like to flaunt their parents, and Hayley Palmer appears to be one of those as nothing has been discussed by her about her parents.

At Hayley Palmer age of 41 years old, her parents would expect that she is married and have children so that they can get grandchildren, but who is Hayley Palmer husband? Is she married?

Hayley Palmer Husband: Is She Married?

Hayley Palmer age
Hayley Palmer with Mark Labbett

The television host is not known to have a husband as of yet.

Only recently, it came to light that she was dating Mark Labbett, who is also a television personality.

Following his divorce from his wife Katie, Mark Labbett is now dating TV presenter Hayley Palmer.

According to sources, the 57-year-old The Chase actor and the GB News star have been “friends for some time” but have only lately started dating.

It follows Mark’s divorce from wife Katie in 2020 after seven years of marriage.

Mark cited lockdown, mental health issues, and their significant age gap as the reasons behind their breakup.

Mark and Hayley are said to have enjoyed a date on the beach in Portsmouth this week.

It is in the wake of the news about their relationship that Hayley Palmer age has become a topical issue.

Mark Labbett is 57 years old while Hayley Palmer is 41 years old.


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