Hazel Gordy Net Worth; How Much Is She Worth?

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Hazel Gordy net worth is in focus, but what do you know about her as a person and the former wife of a celebrity?

Well, often, when people get divorced and go separate ways, there are always a lot of things being speculated, and for the women involved, if their marriage was to a popular and wealthy person, what is looked out for is how much they are going to be earning in alimonies paid to them for up-keep.

So, if people want to know Hazel Gordy net worth, it could be as a result of this assertion above.

And if it is so, it tells you that Hazel Gordy was a celebrity wife who got divorced.

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To whom was she married? You are going to get that gist soon.

So, what we have for you here is not just Hazel Gordy net worth only but her entire life; from her marriage to the divorce and any other thing about her.

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Before we zoom in on Hazel Gordy net worth and all the other things, shall we look at her biography?

Who is Hazel Gordy?

Hazel Gordy biography

Hazel Gordy

Hazel is one popular American model born on August 24, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan, the United States of America.

Her father, Berry Gordy, is the founder of Motown Record Corporation.

Her mother’s name is Thelma Coleman.

The Motown Record Corporation, founded by Hazel Gordy’s father, is responsible for music artists including Stevie Wonder and Jackson 5.

What is not too clear about Hazel is the schools she has attended but she is believed to have had some quality education growing up.

Hazel Gordy siblings

Interested in Hazel Gordy net worth much more than any other person, will be her siblings, does she have any?

Yes, she does!

Hazel has as many as seven siblings including Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Rockwell, Kerry Gordy, Redfoo, Sherry Gordy with Berry Gordy IV and Terry James Gordy being her biological brothers.

Hazel Gordy relationship

As mentioned before, there could be several reasons why Hazel Gordy net worth is generating discussions.

It could be due to how her relationship turned out.

Hazel is a woman who was married to a celebrity but got divorced.

I did tell you I would be telling you about her relationship and the divorce, right? Here is the gist…….

Hazel Gordy got married to the Jackson 5 member, Jermaine, on December 15, 1973.

However, their marriage came to an end when she discovered that her husband was cheating with his mistress, Margaret Maldonado.

Her ex-husband is the American singer and songwriter, Jermaine Jackson.

In The Jackson Five with four of his brothers from 1964 to 1975, Hazel Gordy’s ex-husband was the second vocalist after his brother Michael and played the bass guitar, and since 1983 has rejoined their successors, The Jacksons.

Jermaine was born on December 11, 1954, in Gary, Indiana, United States.

The Divorce

Hazel Gordy

After discovering that she was being cheated on, Hazel didn’t want to stay in the marriage any longer and she initiated the process of breaking free from the turmoil of having to watch her husband take other women.

Hazel eventually filed in for a divorce in 1988 whiles taking custody of their three kids namely; Jay Jackson Jr (born January 1977), Autumn Joy Jackson (born July 1978), and Jaimy Jermaine Jackson (born March 1987).

Well, the divorce could be why people want to know her net worth.

Do you think so?

Hazel Gordy net worth

Hazel has a net worth estimated to be $2 million which he has been able to earn through her modelling career.

So, contrary to what others may think that she got a huge payout as a result of the divorce from Jermaine Jackson, her net worth is from her successful modelling career.


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