He ‘chopped’ all the man’s money and set him up to police because he didn’t want to refund his money – Fetish priest who called the police to arrest man who brought daughter for ‘sika duro’ EXPOSED

For those who missed it, here’s a recap as shared by www.Ghbase.com;

“A native doctor has been applauded for calling the police to swoop on a man who brought his beautiful daughter to him to be killed and sacrificed to the gods to be rich overnight.

The juju man feigned interest in the ‘deal’ but secretly called the police when he was alone and told them about the diabolical act of the man.

In his words, the suspect whose name was given as Evans Oppong said he is not making any headway in life despite staying abroad for a long time and since he has 12 kids, he wanted to sacrifice two to set him on the path of riches.

The herbalist said he was once a military man and because he does not condone evil, his instinct told him to act fast which he did.”

Well, a young man named Odehe Bi who apparently lives in the vicinity where the fetish priest operates has issued a damning report about him on social media.

In his words, the priest whose name has been given as Adu Boafo is not clean and a hero as he is portraying himself.

He accused him of extorting a lot of money from the suspect and after he failed to refund his money as he could not perform the rituals successfully, he called the police on him.


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